Here is how to determine if the player has an item (script)

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Here is how to determine if the player has an item (script)

Postby GM-Support » Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:58 pm


To determine whether the player has an item in the inventory or not, copy/paste the following code in the VBScript Global Procedures (click "VBS Procedures" from anywhere in AM) (you don't need to make changes to the code):

Code: Select all
Function HasItem(ItemName)

  HasItem = False
  For Each X in InventoryItemObject
    If X.Tag = ItemName Then
      HasItem = True
    End If

End Function

Then, just call "HasItem(ITEM_NAME_GOES_HERE)" anywhere in your project. For example, you could write:

Code: Select all
MsgBox HasItem("Key")

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