Animated GIF/w/Gimp--and play it in AM~

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Animated GIF/w/Gimp--and play it in AM~

Postby mercedes » Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:38 am

First Create your image that u will put in a the whole picture...Then highlite what u want to Animate. I made this in PAINT..u guessed

See image Attached.

THen open up both images "BLOCKS1.BMP" and BLOCKS2.BMP with GIMP.

Now you have 2 images opened in GIMP

.---Go to the First one Blocks1...Go to menu>> "DIALOGUES">.>>hit>>> LAYERS ..a dialogue box opens

---Now you see the backround of the layer..which is the image alone. There is only 1.

Drag the image in the [layers dialogue box] onto the SECOND IMAGE--Blocks2

Now u have 2 layers...blocks1...and blocks2.--In the blocks2 image.

In Blocks2>>>Go to menu--FILTERS--and hit >>Animations>>>..PlayBack--So You now see your animation....---

Save it BLOCKS--SAVE it IN "AREAS" Folder...if you want right in AM...

It will then prompt u to save or flatten...hit SAVE AS ANIMATION...hit OK then OK again...

You can do this with as many images as u want...~ I only did it with 2. Just keep dragging all of them on the One.
This is really helpful to create a seamless animation that can play in AM without Transparency~
Simply put it in a Hotspot and hit [Play as animated gif] and it plays nicely right where u want it too..cause u copied it ...right our of your main picture Frame.--
In GIMP, you can choose while saving it [it prompts you] if u want to loop it forever or PLAY it just ONCE.

This you can't do in its wise if u want to PLAY it only so in GIMP--you can also choose the speed of it too.

I hope this helps someone..wasn't hard at all..I can't believe the fuss i had with animations..but i just tried this last night..and Voila~
No transparency required and it's exactly the image u want to animate..:).....~

Animations.JPG (51.21 KiB) Viewed 3499 times
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Postby ZeornWarlock » Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:49 am

Glad you could made this work. :)

By the way, here is a trick for your floor tiles! Spread lines from the perspective point like this... ^ make more than two. Then add lines like the following __ One over the other. As they go higher, the closer they become to one and the other. ;)

You have to make some to understand some.
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Postby mercedes » Mon Sep 08, 2008 1:25 am

Awwwe...why didn't i know that before....shame i didn't know that before $#%@....LOL...i already did an image..will have to modify it now..cause now it will bug me...~!
No big deal...just cut and paste..:P

Thanks for the Tip..!~
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