Here's how to make AM accept OGM video(Ogg Theora).(Sort of)

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Here's how to make AM accept OGM video(Ogg Theora).(Sort of)

Postby jfcwilson » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:47 pm

1. Take an uncompressed Audio-video interleave(AVI) file, and open it with VirtualDubMod
(you can download it at, GNU public license).
It is important to get VirtualDubMod, not VirtualDub.
2. Click Streams-Stream List. In the popup window, click add.
3. A standard file selection dialog pops up. Select your Ogg Vorbis Audio file, and click Open.
4. Exit the Stream List window.
5. Click Save As.
6. Click on the "Change Compression" in the Save As dialog. Select the video codec you want
(I used Indeo 5.10, 95%, 300KB/sec), and click OK.
7. Change the output file type to Ogg Media File(*Ogm).
8. Do NOT skip this step, it is CRUCIAL! Type the name of your new video followed by ".avi".
I know it dosen't make much sense to type THAT suffix, but it's how it's done.
9. Click Save.

Now you should have an Ogg theora-encoded AVI(sort of), which will open with AM.
Very handy for avoiding MP3 license issues(besides, Ogg is better anyway).

Note: you still need Ogg codecs. Get them at:

I suppose this might also be called "how to create an ogg-dubbed AVI file."
I'm not sure which VirtualDubMod does.

Actually, I would love it if some members could try this, to make sure it works on their systems.

Thanks and regards,
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