HANGMAN--The game of hangman-An alternative way of doing one

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HANGMAN--The game of hangman-An alternative way of doing one

Postby mercedes » Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:20 am

Here is my interpretation of the game hangman..:D

I made this puzzle a long time ago...thought I would share it~ it's a nice simple game to play and set up..However I did it the long way..by drawing the letters, as opposed to using TEXT..

If you look to the attachment, you will see where I put pictures as the Alphabet--and behind each alphabet letter, is where I load the letters/pictures at the bottom. I didn't use TEXT for this..I chose letters as pictures.

They have 8 guesses before the puzzle starts over again~ There are 8 Body Parts~

There is also a TEXTBOX on the frame for the user to be able to guess ahead of time..or guess before 8 turns at the letters..I leave a hint somewhere else in the game as to the answer to this puzzle, so they can either guess it, or hit letters..~

Behind each letter, for instance the letter 'A' If the puzzle has the letter A--it will load the letter in the puzzle--at the bottom

Code: Select all
Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(37), "a.gif"
---There is only ONE 'A' in the puzzle

If there were more than one letter- for instance the letter 'O'--and so on..
Code: Select all
Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(53), "o.gif"
Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(56), "o.gif"
Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(59), "o.gif"
Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(62), "o.gif"
Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(50), "o.gif"

If the letter doesn't exist--For instance the letter Z doesn't exist-- and you would put this code in each wrong letter~ It would also load ONE body part to begin hanging the hangman~[Using the SUB]

Code: Select all
effect = effect + 1

You would need this SUB ROUTINE to load Body parts-and Create the Variable 'Effect'

Code: Select all
Sub Effects

If effect = 1 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(27), "Head.GIF"
If effect = 2 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(28), "Body.GIF"
If effect = 3 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(33), "ARM.GIF"
If effect = 4 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(34), "ARM-R.GIF"
If effect = 5 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(31), "LEG-L.GIF"
If effect = 6 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(29), "LEG-R.GIF"           
If effect = 7 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(32), "FOOT_L.GIF"               
If effect = 8 Then Action.LoadAPicture Hotspot(30), "FOOT_R.GIF"
If effect = 9 Then
effect = 0
Action.GoToFrame Action.GetCurrentFrameName
 End If

End Sub

This goes into the Blue Arrow--Beside where they enter TEXT in the TEXTBOX--then they hit the arrow...

Code: Select all
If TextBoxObject(1).Text <> "Answer to the Puzzle" Then
Message "That seems to be wrong."
PlaySound GetPath(2) + "Double.mp3", False
Action.GoToFrame "Adventuregame10"
PlaySound GetPath(2) + "CLIPCLIP.mp3", False

End If

Thanks to those at the time, who helped me to do this puzzle..:D
Frame_1_HANGMAN.JPG (94.58 KiB) Viewed 2671 times
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Postby Lyberodoggy » Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:41 am

Lol. Just in time (JIT)
I was going to build this from scratch and recently I searched for our old post about this...
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