Request Help with backsound music and random items

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Request Help with backsound music and random items

Postby joeganzi » Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:40 pm

I'm a newbie and I'm working to make an adventure game for pc...
I've got some questions:

1) how can I loop and play a sound for my project ( a background music for all the game) that don't restart in every frames?

2) can I play other sounds effect at the same time in some frames?

3) I'd like to use a random system for the items...when the player open one of the different boxes in the frames, he can find one of the game's items randomly, and I'd like to make sure that he can't find the same object two times during the's that possible? how can I make it?

Thanks a lot!!!

Ps: I'll add you in the finish game thanks! ;)
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Postby Mystery » Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:50 pm

Welcome to the forums joeganzi :)

1) I would create a hotspot that the player clicks at the beginning of the game (e.g. create a start screen, and assign to the "start" button the music, and set it to loop).

2) Make sure that you use another channel for the sound files than for your background music.

3) There's some examples concerning randomization in the Help Files ( ... ndom_frame), but I'd have to experiment myself for the code concerning the part that the same item can't be picked up multiple times. I'll try to figure it out :) (unless someone else has a solution at hand)
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