GameMaker:HTML5 + AdventureMaker = Legit PSP Export!

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GameMaker:HTML5 + AdventureMaker = Legit PSP Export!

Postby time-killer-games » Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:30 pm

PSP has its own web browser. That's how the AdventureMaker software can export their games to PSP, it uses pure HTML and JavaScript.

It literally installs your game to the PSP's memory card through a USB plug, and afterward you may play it in the browser.

(I'm not 100%), but with beta testing there might actually be a way to export your Game Maker:HTML5 to PSP using Adventure Maker's export. When you export an empty AdventureMaker project, the template HTML will be in the same directory as the PSP installation executable.

By theory, If I were to replace the HTML that is in the same directory as the PSP installaion executable with the GameMaker:HTML5 game, and there you go...

Legit PSP export. This would make it possible to sell your HTML5 games without having to upload the files to your website in a free access kinda way.

Note: I currently don't have a PSP, so I'm probably gonna have to test it when I get one and when I get HTML5. It most likely should work. :)

Not to mention, but perhaps even flash games could be sold and played on the PSP using this method. I don't know if PSP supports Flash SWF objects, but if it does that's pretty awsome.

Feel free to test this yourself guys...

Edit: Sorry I really could have sworn I posted this in the Post Your Own Tutorial forum.
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Postby Gumbro » Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:16 pm

I'm afraid there are issues.

PSP browsers do not support html5 fully. The main issue is with the canvas support. I have both the fat and the slim and they do not support canvas. No idea of the Go!, or the upcoming Vita, though.

PSP has Flash support, but the slim and fat use an older flash player, rendering most Flash games unplayable. The ones that work are slow. Now once again, Vita might be different.

Out of curiosity, Nintendo DSi browser has limited canvas support, and can run some html5. But it's very limited and slow.
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