I need a story

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I need a story

Postby aap » Fri Dec 30, 2005 2:26 pm


Im not very creative but i want to make an adventure... adventure games are my favourite and I want to make one myself... this time, i promised that I would finish a game, instead of working 1 month and dropping it.

So, i need a story... a beginning of a story in anyway, cus im not creative at all...
So can you guys please give me a nice idea? :)

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Postby asterothjames » Wed Jan 25, 2006 11:43 pm

dude read something to get an idea watch a film n note stuff i find that the best way or evern copy a game allready realeased on anuva platform
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Postby maxtreme » Sat Jan 28, 2006 11:47 pm

I have a story for a game all set. Its a text adventure-point-and-click mix and 45% of the tex is done. If you are interested, I would be happy to submit it to you, HOWEVER I need artwork for the game itself. If you are willing to provide art, I can provide you with story.
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I think Maxtreme has already fixed your problem, but.

Postby hegel5000 » Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:06 pm

I just make the pictures and THEN do the game. Inconsistent, but it means one beautiful scene after the next, if you're a good artist. That would kinda be surrealism, right?
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Re: I think Maxtreme has already fixed your problem, but.

Postby Bortdafarm » Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:54 am

hegel5000 wrote:I just make the pictures and THEN do the game. Inconsistent, but it means one beautiful scene after the next, if you're a good artist. That would kina be surrealism, right?

i'm the same (so far) i find if i have a concrete story in my head i try to force the game to fit the story--where as if i just build a couple of rooms as you say in an "art for Art's sake" fashion then as i'm staring at them and working on hot spots and all the nuts and bolts of moving from room to room slowly a sort of atmosphere develops and that suggest some sort of possible story-line--

after all most storys take place in and out of buildings rooms etc etc--so why not build a house factory castle then wander around it in AM and bet your life sooner or later summat will start fermenting--

Story to meet content...

Postby James Brophy » Mon Feb 06, 2006 5:52 am

This sounds like the earlydays of movie making.

We have this great set left over... If only we could fit it in to the movie some how.

...Anyway, Why not try making the best non story puzzles you can. the art dosent have to be great, just functional. Make one download for every puzzle.

Post them on a developers section of the bord. (So the average game loving Joe dosent bother to look at them.)

Then let people see if a few can be tied togther to make a story.

If you dont want to let everyone see them then come back and ask for people who would be intrested in developing story based on your style of puzzle.

For instance if it's a conversation/interigation, if it's mathimathical/representative or if it's action/ethics based.

conversation/interigation OR getting the code to unlock the door.
Triping the crook up in their own lie.
Getting the girl to like you.
Talking a man off a ledge.

mathimathical/representative OR Getting the key to unlock the door.
Moving the stones to unolck the chamber.
Moving the chess piece to win the game in one stroke.
Balancing the ships engines before they overload.

action/ethics OR Picking one item over another before you loose both.
Saving a team of people by sacrificing one member.
Rescuing people in a burning building.
Deciding to go with your pears or trying to change their minds.

Now, on to my own 2 cent on story in games....

I'm a big fan of story in games but I often find adventure games are so deviod of good story that my will to play is crushed before I'm a quater way through.

Ron gilbert has some great points on stort in games on his website http://grumpygamer.com/ among them is an excelent point on puzzles...

When you solve a puzzle it should allways forward the story.

If you have a secret or a twist, put it after a puzzle is solved. But you must also create a reason fro the puzzle to be intresting in the first place.

Myst, in my opinion, sucks at this. Your on an island. There is nothing to do but we left you a puzzle to solve...

Broken Sword, again just my opinion, rocks at this. Your at a cafe, enjoying your holiday and a clown runs out, then your blown across the street by an explosion in the cafe... is everyone ok? what happened? were did the clown go? Lots of questions are there to be answered and now you have motivation to start clicking on things.

(Basic tennant of webdesign: Every click you get is preceous. Never make someone feel like they have wasted one.)

If you can't think of a story then steal one (like all great artists) Think of your favourite tv show and make a story based around what's intresting on it...

I'm making a game at the moment and it's nothing to do with the real world. So, for my example I'm picking a random tv show that's nothing like my current game... CSI.
So for anyone who wants it, here is a CSI game off the top of my head...

Investigate the crime scene...
Find clues (there by switching on scenes to be played later in the game)

Solve the puzzles you have opened up to reveal suspects.
9 puzzles, the 3 easyest ones should be red herrings.

lets say, you only need 2 out of 8 puzzles correct to get a suspect brought in for questioning...
(you can choose to work on more before you bring him in)

If you get them to purgeor themselves you have an instant win. (or a points boost eqal to one solved puzzle in the trial)
If you overstep your bounds and loose your temper you instantly loose that suspect. you cant bring them to court. Mabye someone else, is guilty?

If you go to trial then you need to have 3-4 out of 8 pussles solved framing one suspect in order to get a conviction. or mabye some evedence could be more damming then others...

An additional idea...
Some evedence is more emotionally charged then others so if you wanted to you could try to send a guy down for a crime you dont have the evedence to absolutely prove he committed it.
(A bloody hand print on a dress is more enotionally charged then a nonsescript black hat with hair samples.)

You could weight the variables on the pieces of evedence so the players might not even know they have the wrong prson untill the case is over and the person is freed on apeal...

That's one...
Actually, that wasent too bad. :D Just change the name from csi to the name of your hard bitten chain smoking investigator and your game is suddenly an origional creation. And it's not a rip off. no sir-ee... A homage mabye.

Ok, as that seemed to work out ok. Anyone want to suggest a theme and I'll see if I can cook up a story. If someone wants me to point out what puzzles could go where then I would be glad to help.
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A brainstorming session in the Sopranos

Postby hegel5000 » Thu Apr 13, 2006 2:25 am

If you haven't started your main game yet, then I'll just give you something that I'd like to see turn into a videogame.
` You're woman who just got fired from her job as a (JOB) for use of (HER POWER). The people of (HER RESIDENCE) are suddenly out to kill her, randomly popping up to kill her like zombies, but fighting like humans. The (SUPPLYER OF HER POWER) wants her to slay (THE ENEMIE). You successfully slay (THE ENEMIE) after going through a lot of pain. You lose your power. SEE EPILOGUE

JOB=preferably in designing, or a talk show on the radio, something in which she is somewhat famous

HER POWER=either she's cursed with some kind of black magic power from a dark spirit or something like that (a witch or satan). It could be from God, and it's part of a test, or maybe a God poser (like Window Shades will be). It could also be some expirimental steroids from a mafia boss (you make up an explanation for how you got it, but preferably don't tell) that somehow makes her psychic or super strong, but puts her into a lot of pain SUM THIS PART UP AS SUPER STEROIDS OR BLACK MAGIC

HER RESIDENCE=New York City ? Or possibly some kind of totally pre planned town with forcefield defence system. For the former, she should be stuck there due to massiveness, and for the latter, because of forcefields in the defence system, preferably one like an invisible fence that just hurts/kills you when you try to get out

SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=relevant to "HER POWER". look there to see the options I've given

THE ENEMIE=if SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=God, then the THE ENEMIE=all the other possible suppliers besides God (satan, a witch, an organized crime boss, someone/thing posing as God) if SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=God poser, then THE ENEMIE=Satan OR Mafia Boss OR the witch if SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=satan, then THE ENEMIE=all the other possible suppliers besides satan (God, a witch, an organized crime boss, someone/thing posing as God) if SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=witch then ENEMIE=Mafia Boss/God poser if SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=mafia boss, then ENEMIE=God poser/witch

` Epilogue: if SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=mafia boss, then you should probably get murdered, or used as a patsie (so you get arrested by secret police and tortured) or you're tied up and thrown to the mob, after giving proof of THE ENEMIE's death. However, trie adding an extremely hard to get to secret ending that only people you told can ever figure out to escape and end up in some worse, but cooler to experience as a player, fate.
` If SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=God, then the people should return to normal, but satan killes everyone in some really dramatic scene. The secret ending should be an extra, very short level where you get to fight satan and die.
` If SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=satan, then it should be pretty much the same as if the SUPPLIER OF HER POWER were god
` If SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=God poser, then you never really find him, and you get killed by the mob searching. The secret ending should be when you do find him, and it turns out that the poser was actually THE ENEMIE, and you actually killed (insert really random and irrelevant celebrity) for him.
` If SUPPLIER OF HER POWER=witch, then it turns out that she was also under the same curse, and then kills you because that's what the mafia boss told her to do.

` Confusing? I know, but at least it means you can do more possible things. Use Window Shades (check signature?) to see how I did the battle. Using items on hotspots on the enemie takes you to a different fram where the enemie has a different hotspot to hurt. Do that with the crowds of people, so that certain items represend certain attacks.

` IF YOU DON'T USE THIS STORY, aap, THEN I'M GOING TO USE IT!!!! Does anyone else like it? It's funny, because I'm an agnostic boy, yet it's about a woman, and God and satan are around as possibilities. . . .

` But use whatever you like for the stuff that's capitalized and in paranthasies.
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