Anyone interested on working on an easy game?

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Anyone interested on working on an easy game?

Postby maxtreme » Sun Jan 29, 2006 12:14 am

Thank you in advance for your time. I have begun work on a text adventure-point and click hybrid of a game. So far, all of the dialogue and story is at 45% compleation. Here is the officila stats:
Title: Pending*
* Possible Titles: Rosewater, Summer Forgotten, Daydream Dark, Forget-Me-Not
Genre: Horror ? Puzzle ? Text Adventure
Rating: M
Story Synopsis: Summer in a northern Rhode Island academy is the setting for this tale of the mysterious and horrific. Two private school children are drawn into a world of terror created innocently by an autistic girl who only wanted to end the suffering in her life. However it soon becomes clear that the forces at work in this world are now uncontrollable and the sanity and existence of the game itself is questioned by the player.

Game play: Game plays out like a ?choose your won adventure novel?. Text is given, and then the player must choose how the story will progress. However, regular point-and-click game play takes over when the story is required to progress. Multiple endings.

Art format: Preferably 3D rendered art but nothing next-gen. At the least: a decent 2D setting.

Story Complete: 45% of the text is done.

^ As of now, I need a decent artist who can do either old-school late 90's 3D graphics (as I have no knowledge of them) and someone who coul assist on programming. Please post if yo uare interested or would even like to know more about the game.
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Postby okii » Thu Apr 27, 2006 8:06 am

email me with the details... i'll see what i can do 4 you... :D
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(?)Cu(a)ntos fotos necesitas?

Postby hegel5000 » Wed May 17, 2006 10:16 pm

Could you tell me how many pictures you need per room? I can draw pictures in The GIMP reasonably well, so if it's just two or three pictures per room, I think I'll be able to just draw it. Now then, going outside may be harder, but I might be able to find some real photos to make the setting.
` You said that it would be partially text based, (suggesting that there wouldn't be the number of pictures that would make it just like walking around) so I expect that I'll be able to take, draw it.
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