New Team Startup

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New Team Startup

Postby Joe » Wed Jul 12, 2006 6:48 am

Team name: Currently in development stage.

Project name: Currently in development stage.

Brief description: Goal is to form team to develop marketable point-and-click adventure games. Team philosophy would be operation by consensus, no one, including myself would be irreplaceable. The first team task will be making the game concept document to define the buyer, match and develop the story and distribution channels to the buyer. The second team task would be to set up project timelines and then then start game development concurent with the game design document. A primary marketing goal would be to have a finished review copy of the game within the shortest amount of time possible.

Target aim: Online retail.

Compensation: Percentage. Distribution will be discussed later, potential team members should be from United States or other country that requires/uses verifiable documentation for income tax purposes.

Technology: Win 98 and upward. Leaning towards AdventureMaker as an authoring platform to develop the game; VBA to program add-ons; Bryce to render, DazStudio and Maya to illustrate, Terragen for landscape/world creation, and Artifice DesignWorkshop for architecture illustration; Dramatica and StoryBase for story development.

Talent needed: writer, level designer/mapper, graphics artist (3D modeling, texture), VBA programmer, and music composer/sound effect artist. Each person preferably should have at least one overlapping skill/talent. My skills for development cover writing, level designer/mapping, programming and graphics.

Team structure: Currently soliciting to form a new team, will consist of 4-5 persons.

Website: To be setup concurrently with release of review copy of game.

Contacts: If you are interested or serious, PM me.

Additional Info: Develop story using Campbell Monomyth model. Fully developed theme, plot, story line, and character development will be part of team decision. Will discuss later. Factors being considered for development, are as follows: 1) game design for a audience notably female (30-50 percent of the market) - dictates subject matter, story, graphics characteristics, game length, etc.; 2) casual game market - smaller size game (reduced play time, number of rooms/frames, etc). Smaller size would help reduce the timeline for development and testing stages, and 3) develop the first product with the intent for subsequent releases as a series.

Feedback: would consider ENCOURAGING ONLY.
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