To all the Lost lovers

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To all the Lost lovers

Postby bianconiglio » Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:36 am

My dream is to create a game about Lost together. I've dedicated the last years of my life to this great passion, too. I've opened blogs, made interviews to great bloggers like Karen Mauro (Karen had interviews with Rebecca Mader and Jorge Garcia in her blog) and Jopinionated (had interviews with William Mapother and other secondary characters, plus she's gone to Hawaii, to the Comic Con in San Diego and so on). I've talked to Karen about creating something together after Lost, cause we love to "create". I mean I've always loved to cooperate and that's why I really love the huge facebook Lost community. I've discovered this wonderful game-program that allows to people without programming knowledge to creat something cool, funny and entertaining and I'm so happy about that! I really hope to find someone with the same passion here and set up a project, a plot for a game, a game, maybe using internet connections (we can do this with this program, I've tried it and it works! Even if I'd prefer to launch internet connections with FireFox, but I guess IE is still the most used). Let me know if you're interested. I don't care if we'll not manage to bring it to an end, cause what I love most is to share ideas at least!

Thank you!

P.S.: don't join this if you want to earn money for this. Because this must be completely free from this kind of copyright problems and so on. Just a pure passion gift for all the Lost fans. I've never earned a single cent for all the things I've done for passion! Even if it could be useful to earn something sometimes... lol but not in this case.

(I have a job, though... don't want you think I live without doing anything. I check the cars and this has nothing to do with my passions ^^ )
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