Programing sugestion for PSP inventory and Save function

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Programing sugestion for PSP inventory and Save function

Postby James Brophy » Mon Jul 03, 2006 12:40 pm

Could one of the wizzards out there put togther a variable that is updated by every page you go to.

This would be usefull for Inventory/option screens.

Every screen you go to updates the "CurrentPositionVariable"

You open the inventory screen. This takes you away from the screen your on to a static screen who's make up in entirely defined by variables changing a single screen.

(This could take many forms in practice. It could be a clasic rpg inventory. A notebook with clues in it. A mobile phone with messages on it.)

Upon reviewing your inventory, you want to go back to your regular game screen. The back to adveture/ close inventory button would have it's link destination defined by the "CurrentPositionVariable" in the brouser.
(end of Example)

In simple terms It would alow you to create streams of adventure sequences.

If you alowed people to define multiple streems (streamA=6, streemB=2) then you could open up the easy construction of Broken Sword1 style Hub gaming.

If this could be an element that is defined by the program that we use to put the games togther; It would be alot handier then having to program the variable from scratch on every screen.

If the screens are allready defined as having uniqe names then shurely it wouldent take mutch to define these names as variables in the brouser. Asigning a stream to each variable would be a simple step on top of that.

(Having the program arange the streams in a visual stile as branches would make designing the games mutch simplier.)

Myself an a friend are currently working up a game idea for the adventure maker but without this kind of feature to stream line the bulding process, the man hours involved in making the game we have in mind would be rediclous.

On a seperate issue, Has anyone looked into writing to cookies inside the the brouser in order to alow for the saving of games. Seems like a simple enough idea. And one that would alow for the creaton of games that take longer then ten minutes to play.

So, any thoughts?
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