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Adventure Maker on the PS VITA

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:13 pm
by Hguols
After weeding out quite a few prospects that were no help at all, I finally do have some results as far as the game on the Vita. Thanks to the hard work of a few gents, I've gotten some answers, but I'd still like to have a few more... I'm afraid their willingness to help me further has tapered off. I don't blame them - its tedious to test games. :roll:

Looks like PSP adventuremaker games are compatible with the Vita. Until we can find a way around the content manager only allowing certain file types (unless there's a folder like the PSP "COMMONS" on the Vita we don't know about) the game will have to be online.

Not a problem. That's what I have the domain for.

Since the resolution is geared toward the PSP, when the game is loaded on the Vita, you have to do the screen stretch thing like you would on a smart phone, to view the game full screen.

None of the buttons work at all on the game, but its fine because EVERYTHING is touchscreen. Since this is a point and click game, no problems there.

Through a little research (I know I'm probably behind on this) but I figured out that the Vita does not use any Flash. That's a bummer because that's how I have the soundtrack setup on the PSP.

I know the Vita is compatible with some HTML5, so I made some changes on my end to the online Vita version of the game in hopes that I can get the game and soundtrack working simultaneously.

Worse case scenario, (if no one helps me further), you'll be playing a silent game. (or not playing it, depends on how you look at it)