Deveron Murder Mystery Game Walkthrough

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Deveron Murder Mystery Game Walkthrough

Postby Candle » Mon Jan 02, 2006 11:53 pm

1.Go in house
2. Get letter at fireplace
3.go left
4.go in door right infront of you
5.go right
6.get icecream cone on Mixer
8.get hammer
9.go back to fireplace room .
10.go right on first door on left note on table on answering machine listen to message
14.leave room
15. click on first door on right right
17. click on picture leave room
18. click on plant on second door get bottle right take disk on table right again on Ddoors
23. click on lamp
24. pickup keys
25. click right
26. use key on door
27.go down to basement
28 use hammer on backdoor
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