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Save the Earth - extended version

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:42 am
by Mystery
1st apartment:
Gather the objects in the first room: glasses at window, old key under pillow, knife under chair, money under the desk.
Gather the objects in the second room: cell phone and flashlight on sofa, camera and wrench in closet.
Kill the spider in the third room (use knife)
Use the key from the spider to leave the apartment.

2nd apartment:
Use the key from under the pillow to enter.
Zoom in the mirror and turn to the right. Grab the rope. Leave apartment.
Turn to the left and drag the rope onto the destroyed stairs. Get out of the house by using the flashlight on the dark exit.

Mom?s house:
Turn to the right and enter your mom?s house. Zoom in the table and grab the first key from the torn chair. Zoom out.
Go to the right and use the first key on the door to the right. Grab the second key from under the sink. Leave the bathroom.
Use the second key on the door to the left. Zoom in the kitchen cabinet above the cooker. Open it and grab the third key. Zoom out and leave the kitchen.
Use the third key on the door in front of you. Zoom in the shelf and click on the grey object. You will be beamed up on the spaceship.

Go through the door on the left. Zoom in the grey boxes and use your knife on the top box. Grab the device. Zoom out.
Go to the left and push the red button, you?ll wake up in another room.
Turn to the right and talk to the robot. When he starts to make an annoying sound, kill him with the wrench.
Look up and see the equation. Find the correct solution (8x4=32 dots) and click on the grey rectangle to see the clue.
Look down again and go to the right. If you wish, you can click on the bed and put on your glasses to see some equations. Go to the right. You are standing in front of the door. Use the clues that you have seen and click a ?V? shape, confirm it by clicking the eye to open the door.
Zoom in the desk with screens and push the buttons. Click the arrow to the right and turn to the left. Get out of the room again and turn to the right, enter he tunnel.
The robot will speak to you and beam you back to the Earth.

Safety Office:
Zoom in the electric lock and drag the device from the spaceship on it. Turn to the left and take the ID card. Zoom in the pc and switch it on by clicking in once again. If you insert the ID card, it will tell that the photo on the ID card and your face do not match. So drag your camera on top of the pc and combine the ID with the photo. Insert the new ID. Click on ?Earth defense?, take back the ID with the sequence and go back to mom?s living room. Touch the grey object again. Drag the ID with the sequence onto the hand of the alien.

Go twice to the right and click on the door of the hut. An alien will appear. Click it to get a trowel. Walk to the right. Click on the hut on the right and write down the code behind him. Go to the left again. Go forward and climb up the bridge.

Go forward, click on the lamp to see the clue (chessboard). Enter the house and grab the wrench. Click on ?Back?. Go forward and enter the house. Click the symbols according to the hint on the grey stone behind the alien (click the positions of the ?+?). Click on ?Back?. Go forward and turn to the right, enter the house. You see the chessboard. Click the positions that were red on the clue. Click ?Back?. Go forward and click the lamp to see the letter code. Enter the house and use the wrench on the screws. Click the switch. Click ?Back?. Go forward and turn to the left. Click the picture and enter the letter code (OIOOOI). Click on the smaller picture to confirm. Then click on ?Back? or the light symbol. Now that all 4 lights are lit, a rock with a ladder appears in the middle of the bridge. Climb up.

Go into the 4 huts and gather the symbols. Click on the ground in front of the huts, then drag the trowel onto this spot. You?ll see the correct order of the symbols.
Go forward and onto the platform. Put down the symbols in correct order and click the house. The platform moves up. Enter the house.
Turn to the right and search for the key on the bookshelf. Turn to the left twice and zoom in the fireside. Look into it to see a code (will be used to free your mom from the jail). Zoom out and climb up the ladder. Use the key from the bookshelf to open the trapdoor. Click on the book on the left to travel to an island. Go forward and enter the door. Switch the face from red to green (this will unlock the other book). Get out. Get into the orb and click the blue button. Get out of the orb to the left and see a devastated island. Get into the orb again and click the yellow button. Climb up the ladder, use the key again and now click on the book on the right.
Zoom in the lock and click the buttons according the clues from the fireside (click the positions of ?+?) and click the left part to finish. Talk to your mom. Go through the water tunnel, get into the spaceship and click the grey object. Talk to your mom, she will be beamed up. The robot will tell you that you killed many of them by giving them the ?wrong? sequence. You?ll be sent to a lonely planet.

Go forward and click on the door of the orb. Remember the code (follow the arrows). Now click the clue and then the door. Push the buttons following the clue that you have just seen. Go through the tunnel. You?ll be in a room full of puzzles.

Click on the box to the right, open it and grab the blue music sheet. Go to the left and click the object. It changes its color. Once you are in the start screen of the room again, go forward and turn to the right (screen). Push the button on the left, then the screen. You see a robot speaking backwards. Click the question mark and save the file to your desktop. Then push the button on the right, click the screen and see the robot again. Click on the question mark to save the second music file.
Open your Audiorecorder from your accessories (or other software that can manipulate sound files) and open the sound files from your desktop. Reverse them and make the fast speech also slower. One is the hint for the color code on the grey object in the room. It tells you which colors you should not click.
Once you have examined the sound files, zoom out the screen. Go back to the overview of the room. Go to the grey object on the left and click the colors without the ones that are mentioned in the sound file. Zoom out and go forward. Turn to the left and click the right arm of the object. It will turn and reveal a blue music sheet. Drag the music sheet from your inventory on this music sheet. You will get an important clue. Go to the right again. Touch the yellow door and grab the device. Close the door and you will turn around. Drag the device on the strange ring and an elevator will appear. Get in and just push the button in the middle as the clue told. You go up.

Follow the bridge and get into the hole of the mountain. Walk around (forward, backward, left, right) until you have seen all the clues. If you are already at the stones, turn until you see a stone with buttons. If you wish to explore the place some more, push the red button, this will take you back to the start screen after the bridge and mountain.
If you have seen what you needed, go back to the stones and face the stone with the buttons. Click the 3 symbols that you have seen at/near the strange buildings (Z + O). Push the silver button. A hole will be revealed. Climb down and walk forward. Choose your destination (I would suggest you to choose the third possibility: mom?s living room).

Watch the players? voices and the credits: You did it! :D

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:17 pm
by ShadowHunter
Hi Mystery,

Thanks for posting the walkthrough also !

Very fresh game, nice objects and great music... enjoying it very much but was already stuck after going out my apartement :oops:

Well, let's continue the game :D

Kind regards,


PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:45 pm
by Mystery
Yes, I know that this is a difficult game, but otherwise my players complain :wink:
But I am of course there to help them and as I was asked by Qtip to post a walkthrough, I just wrote one for this forums.

Thanks for playing it and I'm curious what you think after finishing it :)
(Well just keep in mind that I'm still at an experimental stage of game development :wink: )

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:47 pm
by Qtip5
Thanks for the walkthrough Mystery. I beat the game and I enjoyed it alot.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 9:50 pm
by Mystery
Thank you very much :D