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Windswept....hints and tips

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 2:12 pm
by Bort
not a traditional adventure
don't look for items...there are none
think in terms of the board game cluedo
and your closer to the thought process needed

it's an escape the room game in essence
find and access the telephone interface-
there is a brief explanation of what you need to do shown as you enter
the main interface screen

there are four aspects of the murder you need to resolve before you can leave
the correct suspect-
the correct location of the crime
the correct method that was used to commit the crime
the correct motive involved

there are numerous places thru out the "rooms" with clickable information
usualy shown as NOTES on the screen on clicking the hotspot

three of the hotspot locations will give you a positive response
if you get either of the motive method or location aspects correct

the rest refer to the suspects...

when you have used the telephone to select the correct soloution you can then leave the game
tho i'll leave it to you to discover the way out

the victim criminal motive and method are randomised each time you start a new game
which was the main reason for doing the game