Wlkthrough for Camper Escape

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Wlkthrough for Camper Escape

Postby Lilliputt » Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:18 am

Camper Escape Walkthrough
You start off facing the front door of the camper. To the right are some seats, a table and a closet. To the left is a wall and diagonally to the left is the kitchen.

Go right and diagonal up right to get to the closet. Open the closet to get the rag off the green boot. Go back (note! You have to close the closet door before you can move to any other area of the camper).

Go towards the kitchen area. Go left so that you can see the bunks further back in the trailer. Go towards the bunks so that you face the small table with the two seats. Try clicking the lower bunk (diagonally right up arrow) to get inside the sleeping area where the bunks are.

If you click the sleeping bag you will get a message:
?What is that??. Click the lower right corner (magnifying glass) to get to the view of the lower bunk. Pick up the sleeping bag.

Go back by clicking the left arrow three times. You get the view of the bathroom door to the right, the seats and the big table further ahead and the fridge to the left. Click the fridge (diagonal up left arrow) and click the area under the stove. Use the sleeping bag to ?bag? the remote. Go up and then click the lower part of the fridge to turn around and face the bathroom door. Open the door and use click the cabinet (magnifying glass) to get a closer look of it.

Click the lower right corner of the cabinet to get the key that is between the cabinet and the wall. Go back by clicking the lower part of the frame (down arrow) twice and the lower part again to turn around and face the door. Open the door, go straight and to the left. Click around the area where the window to the right is to get to the kitchen cabinets. You face the window and the upper cabinets. Click the lower middle part of the frame to go to the lower cabinets. Zoom in on the cabinet door with the lock and use the key on the lock. Go down to the lower part of the open cabinet and get the ?valuable? baster. Go back (up twice and then down) and go to the bathroom.

Open the bath curtain and zoom in on the drain of the tub (upper part using magnifying glass), remove the drain cover and use baster to get a battery (not perhaps an ideal place for a battery). Go back. (Note: you have to close the bath curtains before you can move on in the game). You can now examine the remote and put the battery in the back of the remote. Also, if you are in the bathroom, use the rag on the mirror (it will not come instantly) to get the message:
roB Your brOthers sleePing baG.
It has nothing to do with the sleeping bag you found, no!

Go back to the wall (if you are in the bath room then leave so that you face the fridge, turn right and the use the left arrow (left middle side of frame). If you have the battery inserted in the remote then use it on the wall to get a noise. Go to the kitchen area and then face the small table opposite the kitchen cabinets. Click the lower left side (towards the floor) of the left seat. Pick up the red cross and go back to the wall where you again use the remote.

Click the big red button to start the remote game. (Note: if you did not find the rag or did not get the message, it?s possible to go back and get both. Also, if the player doesn?t have the message from the mirror but forces the code anyway, it will work just as well but may be somewhat more irritating). Here is where you use the message:
roB Your brOthers sleePing baG.
B= blue, Y= Yellow, P= Purple, G=Green. (The green button is the one in the middle that is ?jammed?)

Once the big red button turns green, click it and play tic tac toe. Use the red cross in the inventory to place your move. Collect the cards when you win and then go back to the small table opposite the kitchen cabinets. Face the small table, click the up arrow to get the angle of the table top. Click the table top again and then use the cards to get a solitaire game. It will not matter if the player is not familiar with this particular solitaire game. There is only one way to play it, two solutions of the final move with the same result. Get the wild card and go back to where the big table is (next to the closet). Zoom in under the table and then zoom in to the middle right towards the lower part of the right seat. Click the middle part so that you know where the hotspot is and then use the wild card on the hotspot to get the camper key. Go back, face the front door, use the key and you are out.

You can only do this after you find the camper key. Go back to the kitchen and open the fridge. Examine the lasagna to get a code. Go back and face the kitchen cabinets, go to the lower ones and open the locked cabinet. Click the upper part that seems so empty. Get the credit card. Go up and face the cabinets again. Click the light wooden part just under the right green curtain. Push the red button so that it?s green and then turn left to get the ATM screen. Use the credit card in the slot to the right and then click the area with the little blue screen. Choose ?English?, press OK and then use the code from the lasagna on the number buttons:
Press enter, choose to withdraw, press 300, get the money and you can now leave (make sure to cover the ATM button under the green curtain) using the key on the front door.

This game has been made with a sense of humor. Several hotspots are just made to give outbursts (for example the toilet) or to point out silly things (like the cry when clicking the window in the room with the bunks). We hope that the humor of this game is appreciated by those who play this game.
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