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Walkthrough In Somnia

PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 3:19 am
by Mystery
You find yourself on an island with strange trees.
Go forward to the stone, and click it. Click the note underneath the stone, then click it to put it away.
Go to the "tower" on the left, and pick up the orb. Go back.
Walk forward to the altar, and drag the orb onto it. Wait for the cut scene, the orb will explode.
Walk forward to the altar again, and pick up the key. Go back.

Go to the right, and take note of the letters and numbers on the screen (SI8C).
Go to the small entry in front of "C", and climb down. You are in a cave now.
Click the note, which contains a clue. Take note of the positions of the letters and numbers, pay especially attention to the positions of SI8C. Click the note to put it away.
Turn left, and pick up the brown marble.
Turn left twice, and pick up the pink marble and the green gem. Drag the key onto the lock of the treasure box, and see inside. Click the device, and click on the correct buttons according to the clues (SI8C). Click the following buttons: top left, 2nd left, 4th left, 4th right. Back out, and you'll hear a sound, an elevator has arrived.
Turn right, and enter the elevator.

Drag the pink and brown marbles onto the correct places. Watch the lamp, a number will show up: 77.
Go forward, and enter the next elevator, it will take you to an island.

Turn to the right, and enter the cabin with a screen and buttons. Set it to 77 by using the appropriate buttons. Then click the red button to confirm, the screen will say "complete" (if you have made a mistake, you can reset it with the black button). Back out.
Turn to the left, and walk to the wooden turtle. The button on it has been activated by setting the number 77 before. Click the button, and the glass door of the booth will slide up. Enter the booth.
Talk to Soron (click on the text to advance with the dialogue). He is ready to help you, but wants a precious artifact in exchange. Drag the gem onto him.
Watch the cut scenen and the credits. Click on the screen to exit.