Islands Adventure (Windows) - Hint based walktrough

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Islands Adventure (Windows) - Hint based walktrough

Postby Mozes » Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:33 pm

Here's how to complete Island Adventure.
I put the text in white so you have to select it to read...

Download the game here:

Hints and walktrough: (text is white, so select to read)

The First Island
1 - Okay, so you are stuck on the small island and you see your ship and another rocky island... well, here are some hints to help you out!

2 - Get rid of the shark: it blocks your path to the ship.

3 - Did you get the first aid kit?

4 - Use your pocket knife on the rope to fish for the first aid kit.

5 - The first aid kit holds a seringe. Use it on yourself to get blood.

6 - The shark must be knocked out before you can catch it!

7 - Use the coconut to knock out the shark

8 - Perhaps you can find the first amulet now...?

9 - Swim to the ship, using the lifesaver.

Enter the Ship
10 - Have you opened the porthole yet ?

11 - Get rid of snoring crewmate Jimmy.

12 - The mermaid may help you...

13 - The rope may help you...

14 - The hammer may help you...

15 - Did you note Jimmy's hat is heavy when you pick it up ?

16 - Look at Jimmy's hat

Getting Rid of the Pirates on the Rocky Island
17 - You'll need to prepare the cannon

18 - The seringe may help you with the chain

19 - Use the glass jar to get gunpowder

20 - Cannon all set but don't know where to aim?

21 - Have you reached the crows nest?

22 - The pocket knife may help...

Accessing the Abandoned Mission Post
23 - Have you found the body of the Priest yet ?

24 - On the First Island there's some uneven ground...

25 - Broken shovel problems? Fix the broken shovel with the stick you have

26 - You may need the golden cross later on...

27 - Perhaps magnetic forces will reveal the second amulet now...?

28 - Stuck in the Monastery portal? Maybe it's time to hammer something down!

Get the Anchor Key from Jimmy
29 - First, better make friends with Jimmy

30 - Do you still have something that belongs to him ?

31 - Perhaps Jimmy should be taught right from wrong!

32 - Wouldn't Jimmy really be scared of ANYTHING ?

33 - Did you get the spider in the Monastery hall ?

34 - Return Jimmy his hat, then scare him with the spider, then convert him to Christianity: He'll help you on your quest.

Sailing Home (and winning the game)
35 - A few things must be in order before you can travel home safely

36 - To avoid scurvy, eat some fruit before you leave

37 - There's an apple tree nearby the cave

38 - Do you have a rock to throw the apple out of the tree ?

39 - Perhaps you can hack yourself a way through the thorned bushes!

40 - A map and a compass may help you get home safely

41 - The captain was last seen entering the cave

42 - A lamp can be found in the Monastery

43 - Use your tinderbox to light the lamp

44 - Go to the ship, use the Anchor Key on the chain and win the game!

Winning the game VICTORIOUSLY
45 - Did you get both magnetic amulets?

46 - Both amulets can be found on the First Island

47 - A sailor has been swallowed by the now dead shark

48 - The priest holds the second amulet, but where??

49 - The amulets are magnetic!

50 - Use the first amulet on the dead priest: Magnetic force will reveal the 2nd amulet

51 - Did you also get the golden cross from the coffin ?

52 - The rest is up to you!

Good luck, and have fun!
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