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Walkthrough for the Search for Pooky 1

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:30 am
by Lazypookzz
There were some questions, so I made a walkthrough, hope it helps!

1.One step forward
2.Look left
3.look in basket, take turttle food
4.step back
5.go right step forward
7.Look left, pick up the lantern. Look in the cabinet for paper with clue
8.step back and go right step forward on BBQ on leftside of BBQ and take the BBQ tool
12.Click on BBQ
13.find hotspot in BBQ, you see the matches
14.Use the bbq tool to get the matches
15.Go back twice so you face the garden again
16.One step forward
17.look right and click flowerpot
18.Take the key
19.Go left
20.One step forward
21.Look right and find hotspot for turttle
22.Give the turtlefood to the turttle and he gives you plantfood in return
23.Go back and left
24.One step forward
25.Don't go to the green house but more to the right
26.Go left
27.One step forward
28.Go left and take the pigeon.
29.Go left and take 8 steps to go back to the house
30.Look in the waste bin and take knife
31.Look right where you saw the basket, and click the fence above the basket
32.Give the pigeon to the neighbour
33.Click the neighbour with pigeon and you get a handle
34.Go back
35.Go right twice so you face the barn barn door
37.Use key on lock
38.Step in the barn
39.To light the lantern, drag matches on the lantern. Drag the lit lantern in the scene
40.Type in the 6 digit code you found in the cabinet ( 140205) in the code box
41.Take the screwdriver
42.Go left
43.One step forward
44.Look right to the table, find hotspot (middle of chairs)
45.You see a box, open it with the srewdriver. Take the pruner scissors
46.Go back and walk to the greenhouse. Use the handle on door
47.Go in and look at small pepper. Use the plantfood on it. Take the big red pepper
48.Go to your inventory and use knife on pepper. You get a coin
49.You are in front of the greenhouse again, take the path on the right
50.Go left
51.One step forward
52.Look right and use coin to throw in the wishing well. You get a cookie
53.Go right and one step forward
54.Find hotspot for branches in front of you
55.Use pruning scissors to cut them
56.You found Pooky, your teddy.
57.Give him the cookie, and your done