Death's Shadow Demo Walkthrough (Pre-Release)

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Death's Shadow Demo Walkthrough (Pre-Release)

Postby Jaked » Fri Jul 10, 2009 4:36 am

Walkthrough for Death's Shadow Demo (When it comes out):

-Pick up book
-Go foward
-Pick up matches next to cabin
-Pick up pieces of paper in snow
-Place book on sidewalk
-Use matches on book
-Use lit match on unlit lantern (the door will now be unlocked)
-Your friends are in a room down a dark hallway, and the lights are shot. How do you get in?
-Pick up wrench on floor
-Zoom in to power control
-Due to using the Free Version to make this game, this part is sort of sloppy!
-If you exit, it will go back to the clockless darkened foyer.
-What can you do that fixes things?
-Specifically, what tool?
-Use wrench on tight switch.
-You will automatically go into the lightened room.
-Find clock (pol-TER-geist!) Look at it to find tape.
-Use tape in inventory with pieces of paper in inventory (has anyone done THIS before?? Besides Lazzypook's game, I mean.)
-Enter hallway.
-Click on entrance to meeting room, to see a spectacular scene made possible by Lyberodoggy's Mobility X-treme!
-Talk to Jerald
-Remove all possibilities
-Talk to Dennis
-Remove all possibilities.
-Enter cellar

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