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Sparator walk through.(SPOILER)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 12:57 pm
by rattle13
Hi folks,
Here is a complete walk though.

Laser room.
Use the hint is to count the squares on the left lower part of the wall. A ladder should appear from the ceiling.

The alien glyph room.
Go to the room with the locked red door. Turn the lamp on the solution is barely visible on the wall.
Once you enter the code, press the white button
and you will get the red key card.

The dead man.
Click his head to lift up his helmet. Remove his left eye.

Use the dead mans eye on the retina scanner to open the door.

The locker room.
Look under the bench and you will find a key taped there.
Take the bottle of oil, the blow torch and the wrench from the tool box.

Living quarters.
The top right corner of the rug will pull back.(hint)
Foot locker with the key broken in the lock. Use the blow torch
and open locker. Get the ID key card.
The bed. Click on the top of the hand rail to open the secret passage.

Secret passage.
Go up to the observation room.
This room doesn't do anything
I just like it because I think it's the coolest room in the game.
Go down the ladder to the power bay.
You will see the bottom line is disconnected. Use the wrench to fix this.
Go back to the entrance of the living quarters.

Nothing to difficult here. Go in and
access the lab data computer and you will get
the information you need to file a report.

Cargo Bay 2
Use the bottle of oil to free up the sticking button.
Head on in.

Escape pod.
The green button on the control panel should (providing you did everything else)
open the pod doors. Enter pod, see my ugly mug, your out. :D