New To AM, And have some questions

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New To AM, And have some questions

Postby glenfx » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:14 am


I found AM two days ago and already downloaded the free version. So far it really seem a great program for people like me (aka really dumb when it comes to programing or scripting)

Im most interested in creating a game in the Lucas Arts style and have a couple of questions regarding AM since the free version dont allow third person content creation (wich i think is quite a drawback)

I would like to know if these things are possible to do in AM:

.-I see that AM handles Frames for the sets, though im interested to know if one can create a wider set in a single frame, so when a character walks to the edge of the screen the visuals pan showing the other part of the scenario instead of walking to the edge and jumping to a new frame.
(something like in Sam & Max where the character got near an edge an the screen paned to show the other side of the scenery)

.-Also wanted to know if the text can be shown above the character in bright outlined text (something like in Lucas Arts games do) instead of either a windows panel or at the bottom.

.-I also wanted to know if there can be animations for actions. For example, if the character speaks then a speach animation of the character is loaded, or if the character picks something then the pick animation is played. also if an action does something like burning the character, then that animation is played when the character is burning, or when a character has to open a window then the animation of the character opening a window is loaded, etc.

.-I would like to know if interaction with NPCs is possible. Is not needed for the npc to move, but it can have a couple of animations, one iddle and the other when the npc speaks.

.-Also wanted to know if one can create dialogs, and dialog driven objects inside AM. (Dialogs like in Lucas Arts games) and objects that can be picked up after an npc tels you something about it.

.-I dont know the mechanics of AM, so i wanted to know if the inventory can be used as a whole. I mean, if i have an object in a frame and that object is supposed to be used later in another frame, then it mantains in the inventory?, and if i return to the frame where i picked the object from, its already hiden since i have it in my inventory?

.-and lastly, if one would like to create a menu (something like scumm from lucas arts) is possible to implement it in AM?

If AM cant do the above, is there a simmilar app like AM that does this kind of adventure games?
Thanks for your time.
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Postby Candle » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:38 am

I'm afraid that most of what you want to do you won't be able to do with AM.
AM is more of a point & Click type engine.
If you want to look at a list of engines have a look here think you will find something more to what you need.
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