Main features of the Free Edition:

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Main features of the Free Edition:

Postby Candle » Sun May 14, 2006 10:49 pm

* The Free Edition has plenty of features for creating high-quality software. Below is a summary of some of the most interesting features.

The list of features below only concern the creation of software for Windows. As far as the PSP is concerned, some of the features below are not yet available. Click here for more information on the creation of software for PSP.

General Features:
? Easy-to-use software creation package
? No scripting or programming required
? User-friendly innovative interface
? Creation of single compiled files (.am1)
for easy distribution of the software for Windows,
and stand-alone packages for the software for PSP

Game Creation Features :
? Built-in Load Game / Save Game functions
? Customizable inventory system
? Dialogue Wizard to create conversations
? Variables-dependent hotspots to create puzzles

Editor Features:
? Very fast preview of the final result
? Thumbnails-based interface
? Support for more than 30 file formats
(jpg, gif, bmp, ico, cur, wmf, emf...)
? Simple concept: import your pictures,
add hotspots, and you are done!
? Full-screen transitions (alphablending...)
? Real-time rippling water / smoke effects

Video Features:
? Play unlimited number of looping videos
? Native support for mpg, avi, wmv, and more
? Support for DivX and XVid (codecs required)

Audio Features:
? Play up to 7 sounds at the same time
? Fade in / Fade out / Cross-fade effects
? Options to loop forever, change volume...
? Native support for mp3, wav, wma, mid...
? Support for OGG Vorbis (codec required)

Included in the package (may change):
? Several tools (Icon Editor, Music Maker...)
? Language presets (Dutch, English, French,
German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish...)
? Sample games and tutorials
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