Hi all, newbie at inventory work ^^

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Hi all, newbie at inventory work ^^

Postby Kite » Mon Jul 10, 2006 10:20 pm

Hi all,

i just registered. Looking for a game maker in google I steped into AM, downloaded the trial and.. hey it's great. Improveable but great!
I'm trying it in order to make up my mind on whether buy it or not... well atm it's more buying than not.

What i don't like is the inventory... but hey we can't ask too much, can we? :P

Well after having tried the various hotspots etc i started working on an other inventory. The idea came up looking at the 360? demo using variables. That's ok. But i had to make up some way to tell the inventory frame i go to in which frame he should return. Not that hard. I define a variant "framenow" on every frame with Action.GetCurrentFrameName and then linking the return button in the inventory like follows:
Action.GoToFrame framenow

Well that's it for the moment. Next i'll try to do something else with the inventory... if i get something new i'll update it, if it's worth updating (what a sentence - Viva l'Italia!!!)

I don't know if i was clear enough, so I'll attach the project (don't look at the images, just looking on the code and how to do.. i'll work on images when i'm done with that :P)

Tell me what u think of all of this (it's not much i know but hey, i'm a rookie :shock: )

PS: Now u have a new user with thousands of future questions, aren't u happy about that? :twisted:
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Postby GM-Support » Sun Sep 10, 2006 4:22 pm


You can go back to the previous frame by using the following code:

Code: Select all
Action.GoToFrame "Last Visited Frame"

The function is documented in the Help Document at the following page:
http://www.adventuremaker.com/help/vbsc ... erence.htm

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