Adventure Maker forums step all over F.P.S.C's

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Adventure Maker forums step all over F.P.S.C's

Postby mugginsmajik » Tue Oct 24, 2006 9:46 pm

Having spent almost a year creating and recreating my Victorian Adventure game, I have decided to give it a rest and try something else for a little while, until I'm ready to start again and buy the commercial AM and a high quality microphone.
In the meantime I have been using The 3D Gamemaker and the First Person Shooter Creator and have been disgusted at the rudeness in their forums. Maybe it's because Adventure games appeal to more mature people, but I have always found the people on these forums to be both helpful and polite. Yet on their forums, you are lucky not to get abuse when posting anything and hardly anyone seems to have the time to help you.
So here's to you all, keep up the good work!
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