question about adventure maker in general please help!

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question about adventure maker in general please help!

Postby sugawara » Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:32 am

hello all i am new to this,

this engine looks very interesting and at the very least easy enough for someone who does not want to do much scripting but i have a few questions that need answered before i go anyplace further:

1. can AM use text conversations only instead of voice? what i mean is, can i make a game and just use text for talking to characters and not try and find voice actors? if so, can someone explain a little bit about how or tutorial i could find that would give me an idea?

2. can characters be still images?

3. lets take an character interaction for example. can the player give an object to the character go through a series of pictures, not animated but just pictures that tell a story, and then at the end of the picture sequence, give the player another object to use? if so what would this entail?

thankyou all for helping!

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Postby Candle » Sat Oct 28, 2006 5:02 am

Please don't spam the forums with the same post.
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huh thats fun

Postby sugawara » Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:24 pm

" dont spam the forums" well i apologize for putting the same message up in three areas to get the message across, but then again why? i put mutliple up to see if someone would answer, youve just proven that i was right. half the time on most forums nobody pays attention to the new persons question if you dont ask it a few times. ive seen my message go right down a list into god knows where never to even been looked at, so LOGICALLY maybe you write it a couple of places and someone answers it, sheesh! its not like i posted it 50 times, it was 3! all you have to do is answer the questions!
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Postby sugawara » Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:34 pm

do i need to beg? is it so hard to get an answer? come on folks!
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Postby Harvester » Sat Oct 28, 2006 8:28 pm

...and propably every forums have rules which the members are ought to keep. I understand your point, but you'll see (or at least I hope so) that it worth to wait for someone to come on the forums and answer your question, and then it doesn't matter for how many places you post your message. You wouldn't believe, everyone on the forums start as newcomers, and as you see many-many people are welcome on the forums, and their questions are answered. There's no reason why you wouldn't become one. The only thing I can say: patience. When somebody will have time to answer and knows them, then he will say it to you.
Otherwise I would try to answer your questions, but I simply do not understand what you mean in them. However I think all the things you mentioned are possible, if my understanding of your questions was correct.
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Postby Candle » Sat Oct 28, 2006 9:25 pm

If you would of open the help file that comes with AM you would of found your question.
5. How does the dialogue wizard work?

The Dialogue Wizard allows creating conversations between the player and the characters of your game (or application). It can also be used for other purposes, such as the quick creation of menus, tutorials, and other similar stuff.

When using the Dialogue Wizard, you will notice that there are "Questions" and "Answers". The "Questions" are those that the player can ask to the game characters. The "Answers" are those that the game characters will give to the player. If you want to give the player the possibility to answer a question made by the game characters, just create "Questions" that are answers and "Answers" that are questions.

The best way to fully understand how this works is to experiment a little with it. Here is a short tutorial that will guide you through the creation of your first dialogue:

1. Go to the frame that contains the character you want to talk to,
2. Click "Dialogue Wizard" from the menu on the left,
3. Click "Create New Question",
4. Enter both a question and an answer,
5. Click OK,
6. If you want to create more questions, click "Create New Question" again, and repeat the steps 4 and 5.
7. Once you have finished creating questions, click OK to close the dialogue wizard.
8. Now start the game and move to the frame that contains the dialogue. You will see that you have the opportunity to ask questions to the character and get the answers.

Notice that when you create a dialogue inside a frame, the dialogue will automatically start when the player goes to that frame.

Also note that while the dialogue is open, you can move to another frame without causing the dialogue to disappear.

The dialogue will disappear only when all the questions have been set as "hidden" (i.e. when there is nothing else to ask), or when the player clicks on a question that is supposed to "quit the dialogue", as specified in the "Question Properties" window (i.e., in order to create a question that will cause the conversation to stop, check the option "Quit the dialogue after this question (stop conversation)" that is under the "General" tab of the "Question Properties" window). ... gue_wizard

1. How to create my first game?

The very best way to get started is to run Adventure Maker from the Start Menu icon (or from the desktop icon), then to click "Getting Started..." from the Main Menu, and then to follow the on-screen tutorial. The tutorial will guide you through the creation of a small game in which there is a lamp that can be turned on and off.

2. How to create an island to explore?

The following tutorial will guide you through the creation of a small game, in which there is an island that you can explore. It shows how to create interactive tours.

We are going to use three sample pictures (house_very_far.jpg, house_far.jpg and house_near.jpg), that are located inside the "Tutorial Graphics" folder of Adventure Maker.

1. Run Adventure Maker, and click "New Project...".
2. Enter "Island" (without the quotes) under "Project name", and then click OK.
3. A message will pop up asking you to choose the "target platform". Choose if you want your game to be compatible with Windows or with the Portable Gaming System, and then click OK.
4. A message will pop up. Click Continue to proceed.
5. Click "Create New Frames...".
6. A file selection window will pop up. Select the three following files: House_Near.jpg and House_Far.jpg and House_Very_Far.jpg.
Note: to select three files, you can hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the files.
7. Once you have selected the three files, click "Open" to continue.
Three thumbnails (i.e. small pictures) should appear in the window on the right.
8. Double-click the thumbnail named "House_Very_Far".
The picture of the island with the sea should appear.
9. Create a selection over the house. The selection should have the size of the house.
Note: to create a selection, just draw a rectangle as if you were using a drawing utility. This will create a new hotspot.
The "Hotspot Properties" window should appear.
10. In order to select the appearance of the mouse pointer when the player moves it over the house, click the button "Click here to change..." that is under the label "Cursor when over the hotspot".
11. A cursor selection window will pop up. Double-click the icon named "Arrow2-Forward.ico".
You should be brought back to the "Hotspot Properties" window.
12. Now select the option "Go to another frame" that is under the "Hyperlink" section.
The frame selection window should appear. Otherwise (if it does not automatically appear) click the button "Click to choose a frame...".
13. Click the thumbnail named "House_Far".
14. Now click OK to close the "Hotspot Properties" window.
15. Click the link "Go back to project menu" that is at the top-left corner of the screen.
16. Double-click the thumbnail named "House_Far", and do the same as you did with the frame "House_Very_Far" (repeat exactly the steps 9, 10, 11 and 12).
17. When the frame selection window appears, click the thumbnail named "House_Near".
18. Click OK to close the "Hotspot Properties" window.
19. Click the link "Go back to project menu" that is at the top-left corner of the screen.
20. In order to choose which picture must appear when the game starts, click "Project Properties...", and then select "House_Very_Far" under the "Initial Frame" section. Then click OK to close the "Project Properties" window.
21. Click "Run Project (Start)...", and then click "Start" to play the game! You can move towards the house by clicking on the house. You can also experiment with the "Save Game" and "Load Game" options that appear when you press the "Esc" key. To quit the game, you can either press Ctrl+Q, or you can press the "Esc" key and then click "Exit".
NOTE: In order to be able to walk backwards (otherwise you can only walk forwards), you should create some large hotspots at the bottom of each pictures, and make them link to the pictures of the origin.
Congratulations, you have completed the tutorial! ... #FIRSTGAME
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sweet! thankyou!

Postby sugawara » Tue Oct 31, 2006 2:40 am

now i finally get it, i realize i was an ~~didn't mean to swear~~, i apologize but now i got answer, i wanted to know if it would do siad things BEFORE i go and download it, im wokring on very limited space and time and didnt want to dive right in if i am unable to get it done the way i want, i apologize.

thankyou so much! now i just gotta learn how to do it, by trial and error!

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