How to examine inventory item...

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How to examine inventory item...

Postby Roland1958 » Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:17 am

As I had no response in technical support section I post my question here.
I think it s important because to be able to resolve this problem give lot of possibilities in AM.

In my projet I need to give to the player an help from the game screen. I put an hotspot picture (compass) on the top of the screen game.
But the problem is when the player go through the help and see many pages, it s impossible to make he comes back too the same place in the game just before he goes throught the help. The commad "go back to the last visited frame" don't works because He saw many frames.
My solution is after the player read many pages in the help book, I force him to go too a map where he can come back in diffrent place in the game. But the problem is he comes back not exactly in the same place where he was before.

Is anyone has a solution or an idea to resolved this porblem?
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Postby ShadowHunter » Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:31 pm


1. With HotSpot Magic you can clone the compass on every frame
2. Use scripting

- Save the frame name to a variable
- Jump to the book or another frame
- To get back use the gotoframe command and the variable holding the frame name...

This method is really not that hard, just look at the help files.

Use a global variable because it gets saved.

Good luck,

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Postby GM-Support » Wed Jun 20, 2007 1:20 pm


I was writing the answer when I saw ShadowHunter's post.

I have created a plugin that allows doing that. I have attached it to this post. By the way, I recommend you to have a look at the plugin source code (from the Create/Modify Plugins menu of Adventure Maker) because it is very interesting to learn how to create plugins.

I have posted the plugin at the following page: ... php?t=3082

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