Adventure Maker project for Nintendo Wii?

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Adventure Maker project for Nintendo Wii?

Postby storymakerpro » Sun Dec 02, 2007 8:16 pm


Especially for GM-Support,

As for the next version 4.5.0, can GM-Support add implement for Nintendo Wii? Because there is web-based browser on Nintendo Wii. It has analog on the controller pad. I think Adventure Maker can support Wii.

How to compile for Wii? Okay, it can compile on SD card same way as DUO stick for PSP. You all don't need PSP connection to compile AM for PSP. All you need is card reader drive and DUO stick. Adventure Maker will automatic compile on DUO stick. Nintendo Wii..... that SD card should do it also.

You all try to tell/encourage GM Support to implement this for Wii.

Go for it!

Okay I know about Wii. It has web-based browser same as PSP, iPod Touch and iPhone. It supports GameCube games. It also downloads Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo and TurboGrafx (can't spell it). It also read JPEG. It has news and weather info. Also it can connect to internet as computers do.

I believe Wii can be supported by Adventure maker software.


Postby Crazygamemaker » Sun Dec 02, 2007 8:27 pm

That would be nice,but for that we can use the Export to HTML feature.
Also,for the Wii,I believe you hve to buy the browser.

Nice suggestion!
AdvenureMaker is so easy even a caveman can use it!
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