cubic panorama in terragen?

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cubic panorama in terragen?

Postby dannyisveryhappy » Mon Jun 09, 2008 10:39 pm

i can't understand a single thing what they say in the help documentation what the heck does this mean:

First, find the location that you would like. Make sure that the pitch is set to 0. Next, go to the Rendering Control window. From there, render your first image to a file. For each successive picture, just adjust change the "Head" value of the Camera Orientation by 90 degrees and render another picture. For the top and bottom pictures, adjust the pitch to -90 (bottom) and 90 (top).

= mmm!!???

move the head value?

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Postby Mystery » Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:42 pm

Welcome to the forums dannyisveryhappy :)

To create images that you can use with the cubic panorama plugin, you need to create 6 images of the surroundings, that correspond the 6 faces of a die (front view, right view, back view, left view, bottom view, and top view).
Therefore, you need to move the camera of your 3D software appropriately in order to get those 6 images. The "head value" is sort of the direction where the camera is looking (you need to move it 90? for each side of the cube). Then you need to change the "pitch" in order to get a view of the top (look up) and bottom (look down).

You can check out, how such images look for example here:

Hope that makes it a bit clearer, otherwise please post again :)
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