Speaking Character

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Speaking Character

Postby Emicrania » Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:44 pm

Hi! First i would like to hail all the users of this forum, i'm new. I got a question... does exist any plugin or something to let "talk" a character in a third person game? i mean moving lips of the character. Does exist an alternative way (not too complicated) to simulate this thing? I'm a graphic designer and i can use photoshop, illustrator, 3dstudio ecc..
I apologize myself for my poor english.. :oops:

Thank you guys
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Postby mercedes » Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:53 pm

Hi welcome to the forums..!~:D

You would have to use a software, that does that for you...so you would have to make an animation of this character..and then import this character in..as an animation..--Not sure if this would work with 3rd person plugin..:(..As that is a different thing..They are not animated..but a series of pictures put together to make up the movements of the character.

If you open up the 3rd person example game--Manage Resources--Then External Folder--you will see how the 3rd person plugin works..:)

Here are a few of sites that do that..~
That one allows u to make the character--designing it as a flash animation.


If you do a search on Lip syncing, you will find a bunch..:)
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