chances of ipad support?

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chances of ipad support?

Postby sugawara » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:40 am

greetings! i know i never log in much but im trolling the forums every week just about from some location in japan lol. recently we moved to a new city so if your reading this renuend thats why i havent emailed lol :)

anyhow, like the subject says, what are the chances of getting full ipad support? for example being able to create a file that be put up on the appstore and given free or sold if you have the right license? it seems perfect for it now, the ipod touch/iphone wasnt fantastic for adventure games in my opinion and the ipads max res is 1024 x 768, one of or the highest supported res in the AM program without setting the res yourself!

so is there any hint of full on ipad support?
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Postby reneuend » Mon Apr 05, 2010 1:04 am

Unfortunately, the best you would be able to do with the IPad at this time is browser-based games, which is very limited.

The best that could happen is a new version of AM being released using VB.Net. I think this would open a channel to full support of web-based games, not to mention full support of Window Operating systems.

I might be wrong, but just from my limited experience, this seems like the best way to go with AM.

If IPAD takes off, then there will be a Windows version that will follow suite, when that happens and depending the future of AM, you might get your wish with "WinPad"! :-)

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