Creating a Quiz Game in Adventure Maker: Score problem.

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Creating a Quiz Game in Adventure Maker: Score problem.

Postby arienram » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:25 pm

Hi everyone,
I don't know if I'm even in the right topic section for this, but however, I recently resurrected a General Knowledge Quiz game I created in another program, and tried to rebuild it in Adventure Maker, (Better Layout -- ect). My problem was trying to create the SCORE so that it could be displayed as the player answered the questions in each frame, (Right/Wrong). I used the MYSCORE = MYSCORE + 1 from the help files, and to get the score into the frames, selected the "Execute some VBScript code every time a frame is loaded" from the Project Properties option. I created a blank frame with the Score Text in a hotspot where I wanted it to appear. Then did a Runtime Frames Merging for the frames where I wanted it to appear.
Two major problems: The score only increased to 1 after several questions were answered correctly.
Two: The frames that I didn't merge, (ie: Intro, Title, Menu,) threw an error message every time they loaded, as they weren't included in the list.
I struggled away with it for some time, but ended up scrapping the game. I would still like to build it, if anyone out there can give me some more precise info than the help file provided.
Cheers, ArienRam
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