Could I do this?

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Could I do this?

Postby yesican321 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:40 pm

Hi guys,

I've been looking into making a point-and-click game for a long time now, and this program looked great. Although..I'm unsure if it will be able to do for me what I had in mind. You see, I want to create a point-and-click horror game. And in the game, the player is supposed to avoid being killed by these creatures that I was thinking would just appear in random places then go away like a jump scare. But somehow, I wanted to make it so they could kill you if you didn't get out of the room on time, hide, etc. After looking over this software, I'm very unsure if you can make the player even "die" in the first place. Or have AI as well. If this program can't do this for me, I would be considering to make it so you can't die, but there are still jump scares, etc. Please let me know what I can do, as I am pretty confused by all of this. Also, what am I supposed to use to make the frames? Is there some sort of paint software that is easy and quick at making pictures for example, a bedroom? Thanks for your help.
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Re: Could I do this?

Postby reneuend » Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:47 pm

Welcome to the AdventureMaker forums, YesICan321!

I will assume you are talking about a 1st person game.

You can easily make things jump out and scare. In fact, the game I'm working on right now has some of that.
It takes a little bit of visual basic scripting to have the creatures show up randomly, but that can be done also. (note: the free version of AM has limitations with scripting and plugins)
In one of the games I'm working on called, "Rotten Luck", the player will be lucky NOT to die at any point in the game. So, I think that answers your question about the player dying.

To get started, I would suggest trying out the sample game that comes with AdventureMaker. Also, look through the documentation to see how things are put together.

A frame contains a background image and hotspots.
A hotspot is typically a clickable image that lays on top of the background image.

Here is roughly how I would build your game.

1. Design a map of your game using squares. The square is a space where the player can step to. The square has 4 directions because the player can turn left, right, forward, and reverse.
2. Draw the backgrounds. That's 4 drawing per square. Each of these drawings is a frame in your game.
3. Draw the objects that the player can pick up. These will be hotspots on the frame.
4. If the player is allowed to carry the item with them, then you'll want to draw an icon to put in the inventory. These are 32x32 images. I draw my icons as "png" files and then use a free product called, "Imagicon" to convert the png files ICO files.
5. The easiest way to have creatures jump out, is to draw the closeup image of the creature that will fill its own frame. I would cause this frame to appear at random times rather than a hotspot, but it can be done either way.
6. To add animation, you have a choice of animated Gifs, using a plugin that allows you to put multiple images in sequence using JPG or Gif files, or my favorite, is to build an "ANI" animation file. All of these choices would be displayed the same way, by using a hotspot.
7. Sound effects and Music. These are as important as visual effects as they create the mood.
8. Menu: Start out using the AdventureMaker menu, but later, you can learn how to easily build a custom menu.

Plugins are great for building games, but starting out, just use the supplied tools in AdventureMaker.

Don't try to build your game right from the start. Create a project and mimic the already created game that comes with Adventure Maker. You can even use the same images. This will teach you how frames, hotspots, sound, and coding works in AdventureMaker.

I'm sure you'll get some more good advice from other members, so be sure to come back to the forums.
Also, don't get frustrated, the members in this forum love to help each other. So, just post a question and it won't be long before someone answers!

Software recommended:
Drawing: I use an old version of PaintShop Pro and Corel Painter. Others on this forum are gifted with 3D modeling and there is a number of packages for that.
Sound: I use Audicity. It's free.
Music: I find something free on the net and give credits, or I'll as a member for this.
Animation: I use an old version of Anime Studio.

If you want, you could take photos for your backgrounds. Pull images, sounds, and music from the Web and not even need to use any other software packages besides AdventureMaker! Just be sure to give credit to any one else's work. :wink:

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