Benefit of AM over just a web page maker?

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Benefit of AM over just a web page maker?

Postby Sunny Day » Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:33 am

I've just learnt that AM is really an outputted HTML page, what's the benefit from using AM than from using a flat web page. Also can the output files from AM iphone applications be condensed into a single file rather than lots of html web pages, that way it makes things look neater for the end user, also how is this going to work for iphone applications, I don't have an iphone but from what I've seen it has a desktop with boxes and the user launchers these by clicking on one of these boxes, how can we do that as from what I see in the video for AM it just outputs a whole load of web files
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Postby pennsteve » Sun Dec 28, 2008 6:55 pm

Ive made riddle games on web pages. You can hide links but if they hit tab, the links show up. AM makes exe files, not just html files. Not sure what you are trying to do here. lol
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Postby Mystery » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:31 pm

Well, if you want to create an HTML game, you need to do a LOT of scripting. If you create your game in AM (with the current limitations for HTML games of course), your game is done within a much shorter time, and no need to understand any scripting. This is how I see the benefit of AM for HTML games.

AM is really an outputted HTML page

Ummm, this is a strange definition here, lol :lol:
AM is a software with which you can create games for download, games for iPhone, or (currently rather experimental and limited) HTML games.
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Postby cpkspikyhair » Mon Dec 29, 2008 2:14 am

The outputted files can be uploaded into an Internet web host site, and, if you leave all of the pages and files in the same folder, the end-user will only have to be brought to the "index.html" page through a link. Once there, all of the hotspots and links are local and there are no more webpages that the end-user will have to be guided to.

As far as the getting there part, once at the index page, the iPhone user can either bookmark the page or add a square icon on their Home screen that links to the page.
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Postby Sunny Day » Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:26 pm

I have other questions here on why choose AM over a html web page maker.

Is there a way to put ads into your AM iphone web apps, Ive asked around forums and have got nothing on how to sell web apps, so waste of time using AM if you want to sell it, but you can convert the web app to a native app then sell that, see my other posts on this board, but you will need a mac to do it, I dont, so I cant just yet, the other option as we cannot makle money from AM iphone applications is to put ads into it, now we could drop some html code into it and have some google ads in the program, but I dont now if that can be done, but with a html web page maker I know it can be done.

Also on another note, we cannot have sound in our iphone web apps, if we made an app in a normal web page creator, can we put sound in and have it play on the iphone, or is iphones web browser without sound, I heard it has some pop up or something ecverytime you want sound, or perhaps thats just for AM made apps. Just asking as I can make web based games with google html code in the page and stick sound in as well, I ask as perhaps AM may not be the way to go for iphone games with adds, same goes for cursor over hot spot, in AM we can have the hotspot icon change when on a hotspot for an iphone game, but Im sure we can do that for normal web pages that iphone users would surf.

Also we can have text on a html web page maker, but not on an AM iphone web app.

Also why in the options do we choose appication for iphone, when we could choose app made for web, Im sure thats in the options, output for regular web aplication app, and just have the app be sized for the iphone screen, plus we get more options, why can you not do things in AM web apps, that we can on regular AM web page apps, as the outputted files are both html web pages.
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