how exactly

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how exactly

Postby oculli » Thu Jan 01, 2009 6:07 pm

do I create a non-adventure/puzzle game with this for the iphone? I'd like to create a platformer or some kind of shooter, not sure where to start (I just purchased the full edition). Thanks!

Also, another question I haven't found yet, if I can't include video in the app is there a way to embed it from online and link it to that?
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Postby mercedes » Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:29 am

Hi there...:) Welcome to the Forums..

With the iphone ap..and without being able to use would be really diffucult if not impossible to make a shooter type game..
Unless you have an active and really creative imagination..u might be able to come up with something...but its mostly made for 1s person type point and click games..You may be able to try something of a platform..board game type..where there are squares..and the user has to move onto way of clicking..[You would have to use alot of hotspots and frames..:)..and if your good at drawing..u may be able to come up with something exciting..:D

As for linking a video to your game...Again to make an active link in your game...u need scripting..imbedding a video online..I beleive you may think u have access to your game online..through "web" means..That's not the case....However..perhaps someone else may have a better alternataive or answer...:)

Again Welcome..:)

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