Now Ok And a result

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Now Ok And a result

Postby vertexx » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:58 am

OK. I guess no one else has inadvertently designed a set of images at the APPLE iPhone recommended resolution of 320x480 (Portrait) only to have them cut/rescaled to AM's 320x416 !! :)

AM is by the way correct !
The AM recommended resolution of 320x416 gives a full pix on the iPhone whereas the Apple recommended resolution overscans and requires scrolling!

So congrats to you there at AM. :)

Here is something in progress.
Its to be a "Find the Bones" educational toy.
At the moment I have several Hotspots available in the FRONT and BACK views.

Goodluck finding them all :)
The final version will be a quiz where the Student will have a list of BONES to find and maybe name??
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