VMS IS DELAYED!!!! Click here if you were looking forward to

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After VMS one is finished, would you care for a sequel???

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VMS IS DELAYED!!!! Click here if you were looking forward to

Postby PWNage_PWR » Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:54 pm

OK at the moment I was trying to get enough time on a computer so I would be able to make my game Vending Machine Surgeon, aka VMS. I haven't been able to make the game on my school's computers, and I couldn't get on my dad's computer because he hasn't brought it home at all lately. I've had a load of homework and projects to do for school, and recently got a job at a local bookstore. With the money I get paid from my job, I will by myslef a computer, that will be all mine. Mwahaha!!! So Until I get the computer VMS is delayed. I'll probably get the computer after Christmas, plus I kinda had to start making the game all over again, just once, because I didn't name the pictures I used right. But when I do get my computer, production will start again.
To check out the preview to my game, go to the link below:
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