Suicunes Maze 2: Encounter

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Suicunes Maze 2: Encounter

Postby Suicune » Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:07 pm


forget it no one here seems to care about my game, so ive removed this post as a result... anyone who happens to care might be able to find it on nordinho around may or june when its done but i dont think anyone here cares, despite all the effort im putting in :/ i guess this is why game making is a dying business, because so few game makers are respected for all thier effort these days. i really hope im not wasting 3 months of my life making this... but i feel as though i am!

just because my game doesnt good graphics doesnt mean it sucks -_- (i am assuming this is the reason who people dont seem interested here?) well graphics dont make a game, the gameplay (and sometimes the story) are what make a game!

OR, perhaps its just that you are all much more professional and therefore arent interested in games from someone who is less skilled than you... yea i understand how it is...
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Postby Mystery » Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:24 am

I find it a pity that you have removed the game link. I can understand that you're disappointed that there are no comments, however, the thread was viewed 85 times, so maybe some guests have played your game. Plus people have certain times (e.g. holidays or vacation) when they have more time to play than other times.

I can tell you something which is completely my subjective impression, and I don't mean to be rude at all:
You've been a huge fan of EG24, and on each and every forums where you posted, the majority of your posts was around and about EG24. You haven't really interacted on any forums with other members. Here you were seeking technical help (which of course it completely okay), on other forums you just posted your game, but that's all. And this might make the impression that you're not really interested in the forums and its community where you are posting, you know?
Most forum members here are pretty busy, and have to make a choice which games to download and play. And they will certainly prefer to beta test or to play games of members who are interacting with them, and who are interested in this community.
Being a part of a forum community often means giving and receiving, and if you're not interacting with anyone, then you might have less chances that you get feedback. I haven't seen you posting any feedback on other peoples games either.

I can assure you that the members of this forums are absolutely not "elitists", and we are as much interested in beginners games as in advanced game creators games. But as I said, with the limited time that most people have (work, family, creating own games which is as you figured out yourself pretty time intensive), you make your choices - and those choices are in my opinion not based on the skills of the game creator, but rather how much those people are participating in the forums :)

Anyhow, as I said I don't mean to be rude or attack you in no way, it's more like a partial explanation. It would be great if you reconsidered and put up the link (along with a screenshot) again :)
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