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Bite by Byte Magazine Rack -Get Your Copy Here!!

Postby reneuend » Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:42 am


Pick up your copy of Bite by Byte from here. It's free!

Issue 21 (November 2012):
Adventure Maker version 4.7.1 (reneuend)
Scary Contest Results
Upcoming Contests
In the next issue...

Issue 20 (February 2012):
Building a Game Story (Vengeance66)
Using a Hotspot as a Frame Background Video (Reneuend)
Blackwish Cemetery (Vengeance66)
The Firstborn (Vengeance66)
Enter the Realm (Reneuend)
Shadows (Reneuend)

Issue 19 (November 2011):
AM on IndieDB (Forum Post: Bzyk)
Add Installation Background Music (Forum Post: time-killer-games)
Music & Sound Effects (Vengeance66)
Writing a Story (Vengeance66)
Voice Acting (Vengeance66)
Newest Game from Rainbow Entertainment (Vengeance66)
Scripting: Typewriter Puzzle (Reneuend)
20th Issue Contest! (Reneuend)

Issue 18 (August 2011):
BlackWish Cemetery Review (reneuend)
First Look At KeyGuard Studio Professional (reneuend)
Rainbow Entertainment's Shadow 2 Project (Vengeance66)
VB Coding: Passing Parameters (reneuend)
VB Coding: Comma-Delimited Lists (reneuend)

Issue 17 (May 2011):
The Firstborn - preview (Vairon)
AMSaveLoadGame Plugin - Debut! (Reneuend)
Panoramic Tutorial #1 (Vairon)
Game Review: Edu-Fun (Reneuend)

Issue 16 (Mar 2011):
Adventure Maker Project Toolkit - Debut! (reneuend)
Game Review: Shady Brooks (Jaked)
Plugin Review: AM Journal (reneuend & 3DGamer)

Issue 15 (Jan 2011):
Windows 7 Compatibility (reneuend)
Write to any Text File (reneuend)
Add Several Variables at One Time (JuhuWoorps)
AM Project Toolkit Preview (reneuend)
Plugin Review: Random Events (Lyberodoggy)
Plugin Review: Animation Maker (Lyberodoggy & JuhuWoorps)

Issue 14 ???

Issue 13 ???

Issue 12 ???

Issue 11 (2009):
Back to school: coding acceleration (lyberodoggy)
Keyguard tutorial on mouseover (reneuend)

Issue 10 (2009):
Tip on tracking a project
Interview with Saturn
Keyguard tutorial (reneuend)
Game review: The Lost Crystal created by Fenzy (Toadfrogs)

Issue 9 (april 2009):
article on cipher
programming with IF conditions, loops, and select statements (lyberodoggy)
Write great stories Part 3
photoshop tutorial: eye color change (saturn)
PlaySound function (reneuend)

Issue 8 (2009):
Interview with Mystery
Photoshop tutorial: applying tatoos (saturn)
How to make a journal in AM development (reneuend)
Writing great stories (part 2) (MRM2811? and Zenoc2?)
Voice Acting (chromegloss55?)

Issue 7 (2009):
Programming with data input, functions, and procedures (Lyberodoggy)
Writing contest
Photoshop tip: comic coloring (saturn)
writer's block - character development (MRM2811 and Zenoc2)
Layer's tutorial with Paintshop Pro 7 (reneuend)

Issue 6 (january 2009):
AM's Rain effects tutorial (Jaked)
Tips on Writer's block (MRM2811)
Photoshop tutorial: gray out certain portions of an image (saturn)
Building a story (Zenoc2)

Issue 5 (December 2008):
Bio on Shadowhunter and information on plugins, detail description of Particle+
Frozen Text Photoshop tutorial

Issue 4 (November 2008):
Lyberodoggy - programming: understanding operators
description of key members on the forum
Jaked: short article on GIF files

Issue 3 (November 2008):
Lyberodoggy - programming vbs with variables (understanding variables)
Jaked - quick tip on poser and conforming clothes
interview with GM-Support
member of the month interview with Jaked
review of game: Stickshooting spree

Issue 2 (October 2008):
Article on MusicMaker
Jaked - short article on using texture in graphics
Lyberodoggy - getting started with vbs building a msgbox

Issue 1 (October 2008):
Jaked - short article on available graphic tools
Yet to see the light of birth - article on promising games
Relearn VBScript - gives listing of AM action script commands
member interview with Chromegloss55

Archived Copies:
Issues 1-11:
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