setting hotspot tag in desigh mode

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setting hotspot tag in desigh mode

Postby Rooster » Fri Dec 23, 2005 11:08 am

Hi there.

Glad to see that the forum is back!!!

AM! To categorize the hotspots of a frame for different purposes, it would be extremely useful to be able to set the hotspot tag in design mode (when other properties are set, such as mouseover icon and so on).

I know it can be done with VBScript when clicking the hotspot, but I do not want to click these hotspots. For now we set the different tags manually at frame init, but that means that we have to keep track of the hotspot numbers, which, as you know, can change in an unpleasent way when you remove a hotspot, or move them up or down for example.

This can also be useful at other occasions where you need to know the hotspot number (and it's not the clicked hotspot you need), for example if
you use the animated GIF plugin, or any other procedure which requires a hotspot number as parameter. If I for example set the tag to "animatedGIF" at creation of the hotspot, all I need to do in the plugin is to loop through the hotspots of the current frame to find the one with the right tag and use it's hotspot number. (Even though the result can be quite funny when you happen to use the wrong hotspot because the numbers have changed... :D )

I'm sure the are lots of other ways to use this feature...

Would this be possible? I was thinking a textbox somewhere in the hotspot properties...?

Thanks in advance and Merry X-mas and a happy new game developing year to all of you!!!

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