Limitations on HTML?

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Limitations on HTML?

Postby L E Jay » Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:20 pm

What are the limitations on building HTML based games.

I've tried out the 3rd person games as an html compile and it didn't appear to work. The player sprite was missing.

A few basic navigate between frames efforts have worked, although resolution of the game can be an obstacle, obviously you want as high a resolution as you can get.

I realise there are some basic features missing. Is Adventure Maker basically on an near to end basis, as obviously there is not a lot of forum activity?
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Postby Gumbro » Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:12 pm

I suppose the same limitations apply for html as for PSP and iPhone games.

Here's a summary:

V. What features are supported?

This is what you CAN do with the current version of the compiler for iPhone / iPodTouch:

- Move from frame to frame.
- Use variables to create puzzles (all the options under the "variables" tab of the Hotspot Properties are supported).
- Use both transparent and graphical hotspots.
- Display text messages at the bottom of the screen.
- Use timers to go to another frame after X seconds (from the Frame Properties window).
- Use animated GIF's.

This is what you CANNOT do with the current version of the compiler for iPhone / iPodTouch:

- Play sounds
- Use the inventory (instead, you can use a variable to remember whether the item was picked up or not: see the sample game for an example)
- Create savegames
- Play videos (use animated GIF's instead)
- Display text at any position of the frame (the text that you create by right-clicking on a frame)
- Use VBScript
- Display cursors
- Use plugins (3rd person plugin, panoramas, etc.)
- All the other advanced features.

For more details, check the help document:
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