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PostPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 2:02 am
by Bortdafarm
spot on :!:

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 3:22 pm
by mugginsmajik
Hi, just seeing how your game is coming along, your images were great and I was just checking to see if you are still working on it.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 11:43 pm
by Bortdafarm
it got confusing as i was learning to use Cinema for the new rooms i lost the plot with the scripting for the game randomisation (everything has to be randomised in order to make it give different soloutions each play thru)
sudenly realised i had lost my sense of what was doing what and where and suffered a major block trying to retrace my steps.....can't quite face starting over..which is really what is needed...i think i over stretched my self a litte with the code... :cry:
it works fine as is..(see the windswept demo) but i daren't touch it for fear of breaking it...sadly as it is the soloution is far too obscure