"Southville" new trailer at last post

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Postby Vairon » Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:17 am

Wow :shock: , that is really impressive. I like a lot.
The level of quality is fairly good.
Are you going to do a demo?
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Postby mercedes » Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:15 am

Next month i'm gonna make some tests with dialogs and voiceover, i'm gonna came here for some volunteers, but i'm gonna need more female voices than male, If you have any female friend that want to give a try just tell me.

If you need female voice..let me know..:)

I'm not understanding how the other story affects your making this storyline...but i'm sure you do...I wouldn't worry about it too much..many games have similar story lines..most often do..Also i know what its like to have something u think is almost done..and soo many ideas run through your head..hard to put them into prospective..and use them all in gameplay..I'm going through that with this one..lol~..

Either way...we look forward to it..:D
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Combat System

Postby albalustro » Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:14 pm

Well, usually adventure games don't have fight scenes but I decided that i'm gonna put some fights into this game.

Realy good. But I think it could more than try and error based.
You could use two elements (very common at game design) to improve your combat system:

- Evidence: Once your system is based on hit the weak point within a specified time (this requires a certain skill or reflection), you could use something that showed a subtle way where the player should click, preferably using some logic in all cases of combat.
To increase the challenge, you can use something similar in other parts of body just to confuse the player.

- Feedback: It is good to use another element, indicating that the player hit the enemy, and where exactly it hit him.

I believe this can help :)

Good luck and good work ... you're on track.
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