All I Have SO FAR

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All I Have SO FAR

Postby Andy » Fri Apr 11, 2008 8:06 pm

I'll be showing you 3 things from my upcoming games! P.S: Don't edit with Audacity, or suffer at the hands of bad voices! P.S.S. I have Poser 4, but I'm not allowed to use it until my mother gives me hers. It also has Flash! HORRAY!!! :D :) :lol: :D :) :lol:
A laptop. Able to be on it in the Night function (see the main plot or features on the New Announcement Board.)
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Nicholai J. Cravens: Reporter. He has a low, western voice (OUTRAGEOUSLY SO)
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A character in the game called Jackie Stevens. Found tribal chief mutilated in Greenland.
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Do I have Poser 4? Yes
Do I have good variable skills? Yes
Do I use Adventure Maker AND FPS Creator? Yes
Do I stink at game making? It's still being looked into.
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