Possible Game. READ ON!

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Possible Game. READ ON!

Postby Jaked » Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:45 pm

This is kind of like a little competition game, but no fighting. It (if project lifts off) will be. like SURVIVOR (I believe someone tried at it long ago) But anyways, it will (if project lifts off) have that VOTED OUT THING. No 2 teams, no merge, but it will have alliances, voting out, and TIEBRAKERS. If doesn't lift off, I will PM someone do delete this topic or lock it. If the project re-emerges, I will make another topic saying CANCELED PROJECT DUE TO BE RESCHEDULED (Sorry if I'm not allowed to do 2 topics on the same thing, even if the first one is locked and/or deleted). I have 3 problemos, though:

A: I don't have the full version, yet.
B: If I do, I need timers to play a video of someone winning the challenge first, and other complicated VBScripts.
C: I suck at animation (see me at Working Together LOL)

Oh, and if it lifts off, it will be about excavation. (I will still work on the Agent Game, it will be a busy schedule.)


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1: Find A Geode :?: Click On Every Available Hiding Spot
2: Piece Together A T-Rex :?: Puzzle Piece Game
3: Sorting The Rocks Game :?: Is it really that hard to understand?
4: Pan For Gold :?: Like a fishing game.
5: Crush your opponents mines :!: Woohoo. Finally something fun! LOL
6: Find A Buried Gold Mine :!: Like the first one

It will probably not go through, though. Sorry. :P IDk why I put it up.
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