Blotted Out: Back In Production VERY SOON!

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Blotted Out: Back In Production VERY SOON!

Postby Jaked » Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:10 pm

And this time, I'm using X-10 graphics and some of the newer equipment. As always, I've worked too hard to let it slip away. I will, although, have to redo the 2nd level and the zombies will be much different than the ones you saw in Level 1. I still have the voices from the people who sent them and I just need the others. It will be a quite gorier one than the last, though. And thus I raise the rating from T to M15+. Also, some people call this a Dead Space ripoff (actually nobody did), except this one is about irradiated zombies, while Dead Space is of aliens.

Also, yes, game 2 will still be created: as you remember, Off the Map is of going back to earth 35 years later to find the earth overrun by zombies and half-zombies. Very few complete humans and the president is a half-zombie. Will use the city element pack and the Gore Pack from the site and is free. SOME MAY FIND THE LARGE ZOMBIES IN THE GORE PACK TO LOOK LIKE THE TANKS FROM L4D and L4D2, so they will not be included.
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Postby reneuend » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:44 am

Sounds good Jaked, don't give up!

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