Has anyone ever played the .hack games?

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Has anyone ever played the .hack games?

Postby edhaha » Sun May 16, 2010 9:11 am


Any gamers in Northern MN or southern Canada. And no I wont say 'eh'.
Hit me up if you are
These games are really fun, I got the 3rd one and its really good. It's a real-time fighting RPG if any of you like that...Just making a suggestion to gkplayer/com its about this online game and this virus called AIDA infects everything. This guy literally sacrifices himself into one attack and defeats the virus but when he kills it he made a big-ass monster. They fight the monster and win and stuff...happy ending...But all you do is run through some areas kill stuff and fight a boss...good stroyline tho What was the best thing about the game?

Anything coming soon?
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