anyone need their AM game ported for Macintosh?

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anyone need their AM game ported for Macintosh?

Postby time-killer-games » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:54 pm

If that is you then you have come to the right place. i have found a way to port almost any AM game to Mac OSX. just send me your project folder, and if you dont trust me with your source folder, that doesnt matter, just give me the download link to your game, along with a walkthroungh on how to beat it, and within about a few weeks notice, your game will be ported to mac!

dont thank me, even though i am basically gonna re-write your game completely, thank Dangerous_Dave from the Game Maker Community forums, because without his generous help this would not be possible! :D

Keep in mind if your game uses cubic panoramas, you must seperate each face of the cube into seperate images precisely before requesting your game to be converted to an app. you have to send me those images for it to work.

Also, cylindrical panoramas are also 100% supported. :D

Example games are coming soon, as proof that im not gonna steal/sell your games. if there is ever any evidence of this taking place the admins should bann me, but that wont be needed... :)

all that i ask is that i get a special thanks in your games credits-thats it! :)
im really looking forward to sending you guys free apps for your own distribution! :)

hope this really does help the AM community.
btw-im in the process of converting The Firstborn for Vairon to a mac app. so anyway a little shoutout to vairon for being my first successful converted app.

lastly, it must be win7 compatable since that is the only windows OS i currently own.
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