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Postby time-killer-games » Sat Jul 19, 2014 5:56 pm

My website & games portfolio:

I dropped support for Tizen (Samsung's newly chosen mobile OS) due to the fact I don't actually own a Tizen device, while I can technically develop for it, using the Tizen SDK emulator isn't good enough for accurate testing. As of right now the platforms my games support are Windows, Macintosh, and Linux as freeware. On Android mobile and the OUYA videogame console all games are 99¢ each per platform. My games are made with GameMaker:Studio ( http://www.yoyogames.com ) including my work-in-progress point and click game "Dungeon Blabber". I'm not using AM for that game because while AM can also do everything I need such as inventory, panoramas, etc AM is essentially Windows-Only which is my biggest setback.

OUYA is a videogame console for the TV targeted specifically with indie developers also in mind. It's android based. If you made a point-and-click game for android that only uses tapping the screen to simulate "clicks" it should work out of the box on OUYA because while most TV's don't have a touch screen, the OUYA gaming controllers have a built-in mouse pad similar to what you do on a laptop with no physical mouse plugged in. So when you use the touch pad a cursor appears on-screen so you can simulate screen taps with actual clicking! Perfect for point-and-click games on the TV! If only AM supported android. OUYA is available all over the world for shipping via the Amazon online store ( http://www.amazon.com/ ) or at your local Target retail store in the mobile & cloud gaming section ( http://www.target.com/ ).

OUYA is pronounced "Booya!" without the "B". Don't be surprised if you call Target and ask if they have "OUYA" consoles they'll likely say no and have no idea what your talking about because it isn't that well known. I had that happen to me but I still went to the same Target I called and sure enough they had it in the mobile & cloud gaming section. An OUYA console is super cheap! $100 for the console + 1 controller. Additional controllers are $50 each.

Official OUYA website:
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Postby Candle » Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:50 pm

Thanks for letting us know about your games, time-killer-games. :P
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