The Garden...walk thru of the first ten minutes

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The Garden...walk thru of the first ten minutes

Postby Bort » Sun Jul 22, 2007 9:13 pm

you have been asked to visit
a certain Professor Monhiss.....

start the game the first screen gives some small background to the story..
as you enter the game proper you are in one part of a roof top garden

behind you is an arch way and a large wicker garden chair
scan the scene for clickable areas..notice the one describing the archway

take a look at the sketch you have in your inventory..
by dragging it onto the magnifying glass (VIEW)

read the description then click on the sketch to view the reverse side..
it tells you there is some obscured writing there..

close the inventory and head thru the garden to find professor Monhiss him self
sat in another of those wicker garden chairs ...

drag the magnifying glass on to him to initiate a conversation
then do the same with the sketch to be informed it needs cleaning
and that the Professor's restoration kit is around some where..

head back to where you saw the first wicker garden chair
scan the arch way for a clickable area
this will now zoom you into the arch way and the chair

check the chair closely to find the restoration kit
has slid down the side of the chair out of sight

examine the kit by dragging it onto the magnifying glass item...
click on it to open and see the contents

use it on the sketch to find
that when you click the sketch the text on the reverside is now visable

return to the professor and drag the restored sketch and restoration kit onto the professor
he will pass comment on both....
and you find he has placed a document onto the small garden table by his chair..

pick this up and open it in the inventory (drag it onto the magnifying glass as per usual)
it is a manuscript describing the Legend of the IRON GATES
click on the cover to read the first page...
close the inventory when you are ready
and drag the document onto the professor to start a conversation.....
he mentions that he would like you to find the rest of the manuscript (it is incomplete)
(there is no need to try to find the rest of the document in the professor's garden
as you allready have all that the professor has available to give to you..
and you will not be able to leave until the end of the game..)

but there are other things to be found ....
good hunting


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